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You might also be interested in an advanced - commercial version of this product named Notecase Pro.

Source release Description
notecase-1.9.8_src.tar.gzsource code in tar.gz archive856 kB
notecase-1.9.8_src.zip source code in zip archive
966 kB
notecase-1.9.8-1.fc9.src.rpmRedHat Fedora Core 9 Linux source rpm package860 kB
Binary release

Windows binary (requires GTK installation - see link below) 872 kB
Windows installer (with GTK installer embedded) 5.44 MB
notecase-1.9.8_portable-win.zipWindows binary (portable mode - no GTK installation required!)8.06 MB
notecase-1.9.8-1.fc9.i386.rpmRedHat Fedora Core 9 (i386) Linux binary rpm package672 kB
notecase-1.9.8-1.fc8.i386.rpmRedHat Fedora Core 8 (i386) Linux binary rpm package672 kB
notecase-1.9.8-1.fc7.x86_64.rpmRedHat Fedora Core 7 (x86_64) Linux binary rpm package680 kB
notecase-1.9.8-1.fc6.i386.rpmRedHat Fedora Core 6 (i386) Linux binary rpm package696 kB
notecase_1.9.8_amd64.debUbuntu 8.04 (amd64) Linux binary .deb package690 kB
notecase_1.9.8_i386.debUbuntu 8.04 (i386) Linux binary .deb package708 kB
notecase-1.9.8_armv5tel.ipkSharp Zaurus (pdaxrom Linux) binary .ipk package711 kB
notecase-1.9.8.dmgMac OS X (PPC) 10.3.7 binary .dmg archive984 kB
notecase_1.9.8_i686-apple-darwin8.debMac OS X (i386) 10.4.10 binary .deb package730 kB
notecase-1.9.8_osx.tar.gz Mac OS X (i386) 10.4.10 binary .tar.gz archive733 kB
notecase-1.9.8.tar.gzPCLinuxOS 2007 binary archive693 kB
notecase-1.9.8_no_gnome_vfs.tar.gzPCLinuxOS 2007 binary archive (version without GnomeVfs dependency)693 kB
notecase_1.9.8_armel.debNokia N770/N800 (Maemo) binary .deb package752 kB
notecase_1.9.8_armel_os2008.debNokia N800/N810 (Maemo OS2008) binary .deb package752 kB
notecase_1.9.8_armel_diablo.debNokia N800/N810 (Maemo OS2008 v4.1 Diablo) binary .deb package752 kB
notecase_1.9.8_i386_eeepc.debeeePC (Xandros) binary .deb package726 kB
notecase-1.9.8_freebsd.tar.gzFreeBSD 7 binary .tar.gz archive744 kB
notecase-1.9.8_solaris.tar.gzOpen Solaris 2008.05 binary .tar.gz archive760 kB
notecase-1.9.8-1.mdk.i586.rpmMandriva 2008 Spring (i586) Linux binary rpm package727 kB
notecase-1.9.8-1.suse10.i586.rpmOpen Suse v10.3 (i586) Linux binary rpm package2,33 MB
notecase-1.9.8-1.suse11.i586.rpmOpen Suse v11 (i586) Linux binary rpm package1,43 MB
notecase-1.9.8_slack.tar.gzSlackware 12.1 binary .tar.gz archive756 kB

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