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2008/12/09 - NoteCase v1.9.8 released (syntax highlighting, line numbers, bugfixes)

2008/10/28 - NoteCase v1.9.7 released (bugfixes)

2008/08/25 - NoteCase v1.9.5 released (bugfixes, abortable search operation, new build targets)

2008/06/23 - NoteCase v1.9.3 released (bugfixes, major speedup when loading documents)

2008/05/23 - NoteCase v1.9.1 released (implemented some features previously missing in Linux)

2008/04/25 - NoteCase v1.8.8 released (important bug fixes)

2008/03/25 - NoteCase v1.8.4 released (bug fixes, imortant fix for PPC platform, translation updates)

2008/02/28 - NoteCase v1.8.1 released (bug fixes, translation updates, OSX 10.4 build, execute attachment with double-click)

2008/02/05 - NoteCase v1.7.9 released (bug fixes, better html export, option to wrap tree with titles)

2008/01/09 - NoteCase v1.7.6 released (bug fixes, translation updates)

2007/12/08 - NoteCase v1.7.4 released (bug fixes, port to Maemo OS2008)

2007/11/12 - NoteCase v1.7.2 released (bug fixes, new GTK+ version 2.12.1 for Windows, "Lock document" feature)

2007/09/29 - NoteCase v1.6.9 released (node title edit dialog, define default node icon, better Maemo support, bug fixes)

2007/09/05 - NoteCase v1.6.6 released (bug fix release)

- NoteCase v1.6.5 released (Nokia N800 build, "Read-Only" documents, attach files by drag and drop, bug fixes)

- NoteCase v1.6.1 released (Mac OS X build, change password option, post-export processing, txt import, bug fixes)

- NoteCase v1.5.8 released (bug fix release, add format tag that defines the name and version of the creator application)

2007/06/25 - NoteCasePro 1.6.0 - an advanced, commercial version of this project released. See more at: http://www.virtual-sky.com

- NoteCase v1.5.6 released (strikethrough formatting, "make deb", "make ipk" build options, bugfixes)

- NoteCase v1.5.2 released (fixes crash within the Node Properties window)

2007/03/18 - NoteCase v1.5.1 released (support for RTL languages, security options, scale picture when inserting)

2007/01/21 - NoteCase v1.4.5 released (rich text formatting, insert image, node attachments, portable notecase)

2006/12/25 - NoteCase v1.3.6 released (export to .exe, bugfixes)

2006/12/09 - NoteCase v1.3.3 released (much faster work, internal links, insert date/time, recursive export, import MM/LX format)

2006/11/06 - NoteCase v1.2.6 released (major fixes for encrypted file format on 64bit builds, removed <PRE> tag from file format)

2006/10/08 - NoteCase v1.2.3 released (new tree menu, new save dialog, word count feature, custom tab width, new command line flags, bug fixes)

2006/08/28 - NoteCase v1.1.9 released (new node properties: created date/modified date/node finished, new features: branch copy/paste, new Makefile system, Debian .deb support files)

2006/07/19 - NoteCase v1.1.7 released

2006/01/10 - NoteCase v1.1.4 released (bug fix release)

2005/10/22  - NoteCase v1.1.2 released (added compression in encrypted format, hyperlink support, MinGW makefile, Find and Replace dialog, node keywords features, ...)

2005/09/05  - NoteCase v1.0.5 released (drag and drop node reordering, bugfixes, several new translations, ...)

2005/07/18  - NoteCase v1.0.0 released (node icons, bugfixes, StickyNotes import, Indonesian and Norwegian translations, ...)

2005/06/21  - NoteCase v0.9.3 released (code cleanup, Czech and Serbian translations, bugfixes, autosave ...)

2005/05/29  - NoteCase v0.8.9 released (code cleanup, Finnish translation,...)

2005/05/03  - NoteCase v0.8.7 released (translation updates, smaller fixes,...)

2005/03/31  - NoteCase v0.8.2 released (Greek translation, translation updates, important bugfix,...)

2005/03/23  - NoteCase v0.7.9 released (minimize to tray, single instance, Russian translation, new insert node command,...)

2005/03/03  - NoteCase v0.7.5 released (bugfix release, new translations, Win32 installer fixes, ...)

2005/02/06  - NoteCase v0.6.8 released (bugfix release, new translations ...)

2005/01/23  - NoteCase v0.6.0 released (multilanguage fixes, new translations, other fixes ...)

  - NoteCase v0.5.0 released (undo/redo support, multiple new translations ...)

2004/12/19  - Important: I'll be away for holidays from December 25  until January 13

  - Created new website section - Development (includes instructions for application translators)

2004/12/08   - NoteCase v0.4.2 released (multilanguage support, node title bar, start at login time (Win32), bug fixes ...)

2004/11/24   - NoteCase v0.3.8 released (gjots2 import support, text wrap option, bug fixes ...)

2004/10/26   - NoteCase v0.3.5 released (find option, font settings, options dialog, ...)

2004/10/04   - NoteCase v0.3.1 released (with rpm archives for FC2)

2004/09/22   - Neil Zanella is our new team member - he is responsible for rpm packages

2004/09/21   - NoteCase v0.2.9 released

2004/09/10   - Initial version of NoteCase released (v0.2.6)

2004/09/06   - website created

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