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1.9.8. (released at 2008.12.09.)

- Italian translation updated (work by Giacomo Margarito)
- Romanian translation updated (work by Alexandru Bogdan Munteanu)
- major: port to use GtkSourceView library (implements syntax highlighting, initial port by Gerhard Kalab)
- add: updated GTK to the latest version 2.14.5 (Windows installer), keeping old pango due to print preview bug on Windows
- fix: do not ignore GnomeVFS on the OSX platform
- add: support for optional line numbers displayed in a text view margin (implemented by GtkSourceView library)
- fix: editor now allows you to apply the formatting even when there is no selection in it
  (for example use "Ctrl+B" to set the next typed character be written in bold font, or un-bold if the previous state was already bold)
- updated .pot file and Croatian translation
- fix: undo after text view delete operation causes loss of the text formatting in that node
- German translation updated (work by Marcus Hennig)

1.9.7. (released at 2008.10.28.)
- fix: add compile time protection to exclude using tree-lines property for older GTK versions
- fix: when find result found within the note title, popup the title edit dialog with search result text selected within it
- add: make the note title label selectable (text can be copied)
- fix: when closing the application, if saving the modified document fails, allow user to abort the closing process
- fix: node with no text but with attachments is deleted with no confirmation question (redefine what does it mean for a node to be empty)
- fix: _build_locale.bat script fixes (make safe for file paths with spaces)
- fix: Makefile: check pkg-config errors
- fix: colors losing bug: at the end of colored line type a letter, perform undo and redo - last letter lost color (should be in the same color as the colored line)
- updated .pot file and Croatian translation
- fix: tree context menu generates GTK runtime warnigs on empty shortcuts
- fix: do not use non-breaking spaces in HTML export (user request for better wrapping)
- fix: remove potential GTK runtime warnings on Nokia builds
- German translation updated (work by Marcus Hennig)

- new translation for British English (work by David Laws)
- Greek translation updated (work by Chris Gentsos)
- Russian translation updated (work by Aleksey Pinchuk)
- fix: when compiling with the different installation path (prefix), update the path of the help file in the Makefile- Romanian translation updated (work by Alexandru Bogdan Munteanu)
- Dutch translation updated (work by Tesro)
- Chinese (simplified) translation updated (work by befow)
- add: text view behaviour (auto indent), on Enter, add as much tab characters in the new line as it was at the start of the previous line (user suggestion)
- add: Windows portable launcher now passes all its command line arguments directly to the notecase executable
- fix: when using "Start at logon" option, if the application is started in portable mode, we must register launcher application to be started, not the notecase directly (Win32 only)

1.9.5. (released at 2008.08.25.)
- fix: enquote file name parameter in document handler registration in Registry to solve problems wihen opening the file name having spaces (Windows only)
- fix: .ini file having "garbage" at the end of the file (wrong file open mode)
- add: store/restore View Mode state ("Tree View only", "Text View only", "both views")
- fix: when moving node up/down, sometimes the node might become invisible (tree view is not scrolled to make the active node visible)
- fix: when moving nodes up/down, do not scroll tree view unless necessary to make the node visible
- fix: link "moves" when date/time inserted in front of it
- gray drawing over the inactive window is optional now (some users report high CPU usage when this is used), see Options/Global page for setting
- add: fixes to support building the .rpm package on OpenSuse
- add: fixes to support building the package on OpenSolaris
- new build targets: OpenSolaris, OpenSuse 10.3, OpenSuse 11, Slackware 12.1, Mandriva 2008 Spring, Nokia Maemo os2008 v4.1 (codename Diablo)
- fix: long text search operation can be aborted now
- fix: help file updates/restructuring (work by David Laws)

- Italian translation updated (work by Giacomo Margarito)
- Polish translation updated (work by Bernard Baraniewski)
- Japanse translation updated (work by Kuniyasu Kaizuka)
- fix: error compiling on new Debian with gcc v4.3.1 (missing #include)
- French translation updated (work by Christophe)
- Spanish translation updated (work by Pablo Hernandez)
- Chinese translation updated (work by Yu Liang)
- fix: make the list in the "Attachments Window" expand when the window is expanded
- fix: list in the "Attachments Window" does not show proper scroll bar position when you drop files in it
- add: implemented "Always on top" menu item to keep Notecase window always on top level

1.9.3. (released at 2008.06.23.)
- add: added command line parameter "--debug" used to force generating the "crash log" file on exit
- add: "Close" menu entry to close the current notecase document
- add: show progress bar when loading .ncd/.nce files (instead of "pulsing" progress)
- updated .pot file and Croatian translation
- fix: after loading document current node is always expanded even if it has not "expanded" flag in the file
- fix: on new/close document action, immediately delete its "auto-save" protection copy (do not wait for program exit)
- add: add tooltip with description for some hard-to-understand features ("Read-only" and "Lock document" menu items)

- help file redesign, improved wording and note structure (contributed by C W Rose)
- fix: removed experimental line to additionally indent tree view nodes by 10 pixels
- updated GTK to latest 2.12.10 (Windows installation)
- add: new build for FreeBsd, smaller build fixes
- fix: single instance feature does not work on Linux
- echo detected OS in the Makefile
- major: 12x speed up (1200%) loading the .ncd document with big attachments or images (18.5sec -> 1.5sec)
- fix: mark document changed if its "read-only" state was changed
- fix: rename "Shortcuts" menu to "Configure Shortcuts", "Options" to "Configure NoteCase" (user suggestion)

1.9.1. (released at 2008.05.23)
- fix: when creating a link from text selection, remove any formatting in this area
- fix: when starting text color/bkg color options through shortcut keys, color picker window does not show
- updated .pot file and Croatian translation
- German translation updated (work by Marcus Hennig)
- set additional indentation of the child node in the tree view (10 pixels)
- double click expands/collapses normal (non-link) tree branch
- fix: when starting to type at the end of the bolded text, new text should be bold too

- add: implemented Option to register notecase at be started at login time for Linux, using "~/.config/autostart" folder (Win32 mechanism already exists)
- add: implemented Option to allow only single instance of NotecasePro to be started at a single time for Linux using .lock files (Win32 mechanism already exists)
- add: implemented Option to update file format registration for Notecase on Linux (using ~/.local/share/mime/ database)
- add: "show tree lines" Option to change the display of the Tree View
- fix: allow only digits to be entered in "backup files count", "html contents depth", "unload enc." and "doc timeout" entry boxes (Options dialog)
- updated .pot file and Croatian translation

- German translation updated (work by Marcus Hennig)
- Polish translation updated (work by Bernard Baraniewski)
- Japanse translation updated (work by Kuniyasu Kaizuka)
- fix: wrong spelling of "encrypted" in readme.txt file
- fix: Makefile patch by Ganaël Laplanche to enable easier FreeBSD compilation
- French translation updated (work by fiuzzy)
- Italian translation updated (work by Giacomo Margarito)
- Romanian translation updated (work by Alexandru Bogdan Munteanu)
- fix: added missing includes to make code compile on Fedora 9

1.8.8. (released at 2008.04.25)
- renamed 'Finished' node state to 'Completed'
- added support for GIF format both for inserting images and setting as node icons
- fix makefile install to set proper permissiongs when creating notecase/docs folders
- fix: "Lock Document" menu item is always disabled (it should be active only for files saved as .nce)
- fix: improved support for Notecenter format (uses illegal HTML with unescaped "<" chars), allow illegal chars in Notecenter mode if within the <pre> tag
- fix: added a my name as a copyright holder in the BSD license text, put the license text to the website (user request)
- updated .pot file and Croatian translation
- fix: InnoSetup installer used wrong method to get the 'PATH' variable contents

- fix: problems finding all instances of the string when searching in the Russian text
- add: allow custom .ini file path for portable Win32 version too (if "NOTECASE_INI" environment variable is set, launcher application will not overwrite it)
- add: display text of the program license inside the Win32 installer (InnoSetup)
- fix: exporting single node to encrypted document did not work
- fix: do not set "clean" as the dependency for "deb" and other targets (you must explicitely call "make clean" if needed)
- remember/restore scroll position for each document node when jumping between different nodes
- fix: "Wrap titles tree" feature causes crash in Ubuntu 7.10

- fix: create a node with 3 images one next to another, delete middle image and refresh (go to another node and back) - last image was lost too
- fix: crash on save when adding a new picture before an already existing picture in the node
- fix: adding the new image before an already existing picture, causes the old one to move back one place
- fix: doing undo after pasting formatted text can distort the formatting in the node
- German translation updated (work by Marcus Hennig)
- Romanian translation updated (work by Alexandru Bogdan Munteanu)

- Polish translation updated (work by Bernard Baraniewski)
- Italian translation updated (work by Giacomo Margarito)
- Japanse translation updated (work by Kuniyasu Kaizuka)
- fix: building errors noticed on Archlinux (missing include headers)
- fix: link to website did not start correctly in the browser when using GnomeVFS (Linux)
- maximal size for recent documents list increased to 10
- Turkish translation updated (work by Serkan Çalış)
- fix: improvements in the text search algorithm (Russian user reported that program always uses case sensitive options when using cyrilic letters)

- when there is no node selection, draw informative message on top of the text view
- set left margin and right margins in the text view to 5 pixels
- add: top/bottom 5 pixel margins for text view (simulate margin using the custom drawn widgets)
- several memory leaks fixed
- updated .pot file and Croatian translation
- fix: formatting moves one character forward when picture is inserted in a note
- fix: CPU usage is high when typing fast in the text view (multiple code optimizations)
- German translation updated (work by Marcus Hennig)
- fix: when building for the OS X on PPC little endian architecture was incorrectly used
 (encryption on PPC will not be readable elsewhere, you need to unencrypt such document on old PPC build then ecrypt it again with this fixed build)

- updated GTK to latest 2.12.8 (Windows installation)
- set "key" icon for "change password" menu item
- fix: installation from .deb package could fail if there is an invalid .desktop file or any package in the system (fixed by removing "set -e" from postinst file)
- add: new command line paramter to define export format "--export-format text" (default is "html", other suported are "text", "exe","ncd")
- fix: on Linux, when exporting to executable format, set permission to 744 instead of old 700
- fix: memory leak fixes - some format loaders did not cleanup the internal variables on destruction (object desctructor was not virtual)
- Makefile fixes for deb generation (work if no md5 exists, update "Installed-Size:" field)

- Italian translation updated (work by Giacomo Margarito)
- Japanse translation updated (work by Kuniyasu Kaizuka)
- French translation updated (work by fiuzzy)
- German translation updated (work by Marcus Hennig)
- fix: when creating "link to a node", link could point to the wrong node
- fix: when textview is set to use custom background color, on document save operation, textview becomes temporarily white (for a short moment)
- renamed "Autosave document every:" to more precise "Autosave to temporary crash-protection copy every:"
- fix: better warning text when loading file created in a different application (make sure to note that Notecase is considered different than Notecase Pro)
- move "Edit" menu to the second place, move "View" menu to the third place (more standard layout)

- fix: make the code for attachment adding and saving to file working when the file name contains non-ASCII characters (use File64 class)
- fix: make Notecase .ini and crashlog files work on Win32 when the user name contains non-ASCII characters (use File64 class)
- fix: drag and drop of the file to become attachment does not work if the file has a space in the path
- fix: Windows setup would delete PATH environment variable on uninstall
- fix: when inserting picture into the text, other formatting can be moved one character to the right
- fix: makefile changes to make the program compile on OS X 10.4.10 (Tiger)
- add: implement double-click in the attachment window to execute the attachment
- updated .pot file and Croatian translation
- German translation updated (work by Marcus Hennig)

- Romanian translation updated (work by Alexandru Bogdan Munteanu)
- fix: deleted some code where the menu shortcut combinations where hardcoded
- fix: make the picture properties dialog (shown when inserting new picture) modal
- Makefile - write configuration info when building the code
- added "Visit Website" menu item in the "Help" submenu
- German translation updated (work by Marcus Hennig)
- Dutch traditonal translation updated (work by Michael van Schaik)
- Italian translation updated (work by Giacomo Margarito)
- French translation updated (work by fiuzzy)

1.7.9. (released at 2008.02.05.)
- fix: default directory path in the Export window was not correct (missing separator between directory and filename)
- make first column in Shortcuts window larger - so that German translation can fit
- fix: do not allow focus on a text view when disabled
- implemented option to wrap the titles in the tree view (node titles)

- on html export: spaces are exported as "&nbsp;" and tabs as N times "&nbsp;" where N is a hidden config setting (ini file "[Export]" section, "TabSize" key - 3 is the default value)
- fix: tree popup menu items had hardcoded names for shortcut keys, instead of showing the user defined shortcut combinations
- fix: could not load/save to .ncd/.nce file having non-ASCII characters in the filename
- improved installation info in the "readme.txt" file
- fix: some optimization of a handler method for text view selection change
- updated code to make the Mingw port build again
- updated .pot file and Croatian translation
- updated GTK to latest 2.12.6 (Windows installation)

- fix: problem starting http links on Linux build which does not use GnomeVFS
- French translation updated (work by fiuzzy)
- fix: shortcut key for "strikethrough" feature did not work
- added Makefile patches proposed by an user to make it compile on the OS X 10.4 and higher
- updated eggtrayicon to the latest version (solves the problem with tray icon transparency)
- Romanian translation updated (work by Alexandru Bogdan Munteanu)
- German translation updated (work by Marcus Hennig)
- fix: possible crash when autosave and user save operation occur at the same time

1.7.6. (released at 2008.01.09.)
- remember value of "Case sensitive" checkbox in Find dialog (Ctrl+F).
- show Find dialog instead of "Error: Search text is empty!" (F3).
- fix: recent documents list - protect from appending same content more than once in the list
- fix: when saving empty document to file, invalid value for "LastNode" setting is being saved
- fix: additionally cleanup the "recent" list on load (remove duplicates)
- fix: when help file opened through the "Help" menu, it was not added into the "Recent" file list
- fix: Notecase crashes when clicking invalid link like "<a href="#-1">Go here</a>"
- fix: problem starting http links on Linux builds using GnomeVFS

- Italian translation updated (work by Giacomo Margarito)
- German translation updated (work by Marcus Hennig)
- Japanse translation updated (work by Kuniyasu Kaizuka)
- Romanian translation updated (work by Alexandru Bogdan Munteanu)
- Spanish translation updated (work by Sergio D. Rodríguez Inclan)
- Chinese traditonal translation updated (work by Minson)
- renamed "debian" source archive directory to "deb" to make it easier for other custom .deb packagers (suggested by Mitsuya Shibata)
- fix: if "generate backups on save" option is used with "autosave" option, autosave generates .bak files (that can not be loaded on crash)
- fix: after loading autosave file, clear document path and mark it modified to force the user to save the file to the new location
- fix: when you open a document on a write-locked USB stick, on save, operation fails (OK) and on next save user is required to enter password again (not OK)
- menu item renamed from "New Notecase" to "New Window" (easier to understand for new users)
- fixed modal state for Shortcuts dialog

1.7.4. (released at 2007.12.08.)
- fix: list available translations in a separate thread on startup (Options dialog could take 2 seconds to startup when this is done in same thread)
    -> this converts this program to multithreaded application
- maemo only: add toolbar buttons for "create node", "move left" and "move right" to make the work under maemo more comfortable
- "save as" window: added "Home" button (on maemo it sets path to the "'/home/user/MyDocs/.documents/" directory)
- "save as" window: added two more buttons for Maemo platform to set path to "/media/mmc2/" and "/media/mmc1/" (external, internal card path)
- new build: program ported to the new Maemo Chinook platform (Nokia N800/N810)
- fix: when loading large document, the "Loading file - please wait" box is not shown (bug shows only when loading from the command line)
- fix: when loading encrypted document, password could be entered only once (bug shows only when loading from the command line)
- updated translation catalog and Croatian translation
- maemo: default export file name is set to '/home/user/MyDocs/.documents/default.ncd' (first time start, each next time remebers the previous path)
- maemo: adjust "word count" window to the smaller screen size
- maemo: reduced height of the "Node properties" window to adjust for the smaller screen size
- fix: when saving file, ensure that target directory exists
- better error message when file not found (adds file path to know exactly what we tried to open)
- updated message catalog file (.pot) and Croatian translation

- Chinese traditonal translation updated (work by Minson)
- Dutch traditonal translation updated (work by Michael van Schaik)
- Japanse translation updated (work by Kuniyasu Kaizuka)
- Czech translation updated (work by Zdeněk Hájek)
- added "make zaurus" build that creates both "ipk" and "weexpc" targets
- fix: maemo platform automatically capitalizes text entered in the password dialog
- added stock icon for "Reload" menu item
- fix: color formatting bug -> having three lines, color the first and last one in the same color. Save to .ncd. When reloaded all lines are colored.
- fix: removed some compilation warnings when compiling FormatIOTxt.cpp
- added lock icon for "Lock Document" menu item
- fix: "change view mode" menu item is not of "check" type anymore (this view has three states, not two)
- added "Mark node as finished" menu item in the tree context menu
- added warning message when trying to search inside the empty document
- fix: update undo/redo buttons by stored pointers, not by position in the toolbar

. (released at 2007.11.12.)
- new icons for "link wizard", "insert image" and "attachment" options (work by Pierrick Pinot)
- fix: on insert picture, update format offsets for areas after the picture
- fix: on delete picture, update format offsets for areas after the picture
- fix: account for pictures before the tag when calculating offset (html based formats)
- about box: layout improvements, not resizable
- shortcuts dialog layout: center the helper text from the bottom of the window
- added "Lock document" feature (menu item) to easily lock (unload) encrypted (and saved) document
- Windows OS: put iconv.dll and libxml2.dll, xmlparse.dll in exe directory (solves problems when other application installs older version of the same dlls)
- note title edit dialog now remembers/restores its last known size
- attachment dialog: when saving attachment to file, set default name in the file save dialog
- when saving picture to file, set default name in the file save dialog
- makefile: added virtual target "make mac" to build all Mac OSX related packages with one command (.dmg and .deb)
- sort menu items: add stock icons
- "delete node" item: add stock icon
- move node menu items: add stock icons
- node properties: add stock icon
- link wizard (tree context menu): add icon
- "Delete all finished" menu item: add stock icon
- updated .pot file and Croatian translation
- French translation updated (work by Pierrick Pinot)
- "text color" toolbar button/menu item: remove color when depressed, set last used color on Ctrl+click combination
- "text background color" toolbar button/menu item: remove color when depressed, set last used color on Ctrl+click combination
- Romanian translation updated (work by Alexandru Bogdan Munteanu)
- Italian translation updated (work by Giacomo Margarito)
- Spanish translation updated (work by Roger Orellana)
- Polish translation updated (work by Piotr Kwiliński)
- Japanse translation updated (work by Kuniyasu Kaizuka)
- Russian translation updated (work by Никита Тихомиров)
- German translation updated (work by Marcus Hennig)
- fix layout (paddings) in the option dialog
- fix icon selectors layout  in the option dialog (do not expand controls)
- Estonian translation updated (work by Eero Vegmann)

- replaced "keyword" strings with "tag"
- node title rename dialog: initially select all text
- attachment dialog: remember/restore path in "Add/Save" file dialogs
- attachment dialog: fix when saving attachment to file with special characters (convert to local encoding)
- fix: when doing "copy branch structure" do not copy pictures and formatting into internal clipboard
- fix: insert date/time shortuct does not work in new dialog to edit node title
- Makefile "make rpm": move notecase packages to ../ directory
- Zaurus fix: clicking two times on the same node would bring up the rename dialog
- remember/restore last used file selector folder in "insert image" operation
- fix: when dragging and dropping piece of text to another place, accented characters (like î ŕ é ę...) would become something like  \u00ee
- Windows build: updated GTK+ to the latest version 2.12.1 (installer changes)
- added new icons for text color, text bg color and remove formatting options (work by Marcus Hennig)
- makefile: automatically patch .desktop file to have .xpm extension on Zaurus an others, and to have no extension on Maemo

- fix: error launching notecase:  "-:7: error: unexpected end of file, expected character `{'"
    -> problem with parsing treeview color style
- Dutch translation updated (work by Michael van Schaik)
- use of Enter within text widget to close the dialog (title editor and node properties editor) is now optional (see Options dialog)
- fix: tree view background color lost after inserting new note
- better icon for "New Notecase" menu item
- fix: use same toolbar icons for "undo"/"redo" as in menu items
- added light bulb icon in the shortcuts dialog
- EnumDirectory method: fix potential handle leaks (Win32)
- new icons having more contrast for "Link wizard" and "Insert Image" options
- if "recent documents" list is empty, add  an "( empty )" entry into the list
- Italian translation updated (work by Giacomo Margarito)
- Norwegian translation updated (work by Olle Gladso)
- Norwegian Nynorsk translation removed (not actually a Nynorsk, suggestion by Olle Gladso)

- removed "on top" style for numerous dialogs
- html export - add horizontal lines around "Table of Contents"
- node title edit dialog: use Ctrl+Enter to enter new line, Enter to terminate the dialog, use Tab to move widget focus, Ctrl+Tab to insert tab character
- added hyperlink color setting (help for users using high contrast themes)
- when copying and pasting formatted text (bold, etc.), user might be under false impression that format copy is supported
  -> clear formatting for pasted text (temp solution)
- fix: Notecase autosaves every X seconds regardless if the document has changed between autosaves
    (autosave should occur only if the document was changed)
- options: define default icon for new nodes
- updated .pot file and Croatian translation
- node properties dialog (title edit widget): use Ctrl+Enter to enter new line, Enter to terminate the dialog, use Tab to move widget focus, Ctrl+Tab to insert tab character
- Makefile fixes: better "make binarchive", if CFLAGS and other flags set do not change them, flag for automatic detection of gnome-vfs (GNOME_VFS_AUTODETECT)
- German translation updated (work by Marcus Hennig)
- fix: moving node right could cause node to dissapear
- Romanian translation updated (work by Alexandru Bogdan Munteanu)
- fix: changing background color in "Options" would change only text view (tree view would change after restart)
- fix: setting custom background color would change the file chooser dialogs too
- Chinese Traditional translation updated (work by Minson Huang)
- Estonian translation updated (work by Eero Vegmann)
- French translation updated (work by fiuzzy)
- Russian translation updated (work by Никита Тихомиров)
- ensure ~/.notecase/ dir exists on autosave (should fix autosave on Win32 portable version)
- fix: when selecting the text after the picture to become a link, link is created with offset to the right

- more work on about box beautification, more strings are now translatable
- fixed crash when exporting to .txt format
- fix: sometimes "expanded" flag is not correctly set
- fixed some "_" mnemonics (added some new and removed some duplicates)
- fix: when exporting single document node, all the formatting and links were lost
- Node Properties window: converted node title to multiline text control
- Node Title rename: replace inline editing with simple popup dialog (solves also problems with Maemo platform)
- fix crash when loading document with some unterminated tags
- German translation updated (work by Marcus Hennig)
- password dialog now shows base name of the file we need the password for
- fixes in the formatting system (coloring a single line could cause color "leaking" until the end of node)
- Options dialog redesign (widgets groupping changed)

- French translation updated  (work by fiuzzy)
- Maemo: support to toggle "Full Screen" with hardware key
- Maemo: fixed problems with Options dialog (Font selector started below the dialog)
- Options dialog: Display tab was split into two tabs, so it can fit to screen on Maemo
- Russian translation updated (work by Никита Тихомиров)
- maemo: hide progress dialog for load/save (or else password entry won't work)
- better Options dialog layout (added some padding to different widgets)
- fix: "Sort" submenu items did not support "_" mnemonic
- about dialog improvements (added program icon, text formatting)
- fix: link wizard generates invalid link to a node

1.6.6.  (released at 2007.09.05.)
- German translation updated (work by Marcus Hennig)
- Polish translation updated (work by Piotr Kwiliński)
- fixed crash when loading some formatted documents
- cleanup some files after "make rpm"
- Chinese Traditional translation updated (work by Minson)
- maemo fixes: add missing "com.nokia." prefix in service name
- maemo fixes: "make deb" - automatically update "Section:" field to "maemo/editors" inside "debian/control" file
- Romanian translation updated (work by Alexandru Bogdan Munteanu)

1.6.5. (
released at 2007.08.29.)
- fixed text alignment for Options label "Date/time format:"
- fixes to show tree context menu for Maemo platform
- fix "Status bar" menu state for Maemo platform
- fix "Node Title bar" menu state for Maemo platform
- add copy of "Format" submenu into text view context menu (for Maemo platform only)
- fix: after about 5 or 6 CTRL-Ts to change view, main wnd starts growing with each change
- Spanish translation updated (work by Roger Orellana)
- fix: disable "change password" for read-only document
- Croatian translation and .pot file updated

- when loading document allow loading only supported formats (additional check)
- added support to add file attachments by drag-and-drop (drop files to node's text view or into the attachment dialog list)
- Maemo platform: hide some toolbar buttons for this port (smaller screen size)
- Maemo platform: "About" window must have "close" button (or else it can not be closed)
- Maemo platform: created .service file, created 26x26 .png icon
- .deb package: added "debian/postinst" script to register document format handler
- Chinese Traditional translation updated (work by Minson)
- fix: ensure that the file open/save dialog is opened on top (above other opened dialogs)
- Chinese Simplified translation updated (work by Sun YaoHua)
- fix: tree view loses background color after some document operation
  (GTK bug http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=71926)
- fix: when you set node tree window to show on right, on next start tree/text widgets can exchange sizes
- German translation updated (work by Marcus Hennig)

- added support for "Read-Only" document property
- node property "finished" is now saved only when set to true (document size savings)
- when saving the document, save also the expanded state of nodes, restore state when loading the document from file
- fix: remove "shortcut combination is already taken" message when setting same shortcut to the same item twice in a row
- fix: after drag drop node rearangement there is no selection, but the edit control is not disabled and empty
- Maemo platform improvement: use HildonFileChooserDialog
- Maemo platform improvement: do not create menubar for menu
- added "Full Screen" option
- added some maemo-specific fields to notecase.desktop file
- added option to skip autosaving documents that are still only in memory - have never been saved
  (this prevents your sensitive data leaking to unencrypted autosave document file and, if program crashed, being loaded back into program without any password protection)
- when loading encrypted document or autosave file, you can try entering password up to 3 times
  (reduces problem of potentially important autosave file being deleted after crash by accidentally typing the wrong password)
- after saving file as encrypted (from memory or unencrypted doc), remove all our unencrypted autosave files
  (prevents sensitive data from leaking in unencrypted file)

- German translation updated (work by Marcus Hennig)
- port to Nokia Maemo platform (Nokia N800)
- added "--clean" parameter to rpmbuild in "make rpm" (deletes sources afther rpm was built)
- set initial focus to tree widget
- added support for text background color
- changed tag for text color from <font color="..."> to <span style="color:...">
- about box: fix too long locale string on Arch Linux -> dialog too wide
- locale settings: added "Use system language settings" option
- French translation update (work by fiuzzy)
- added support for other file formats for node icon (.ico, .png,.jpg)
- remember/restore last used directory for "node icon" file dialog
- initially select search string in find and find/replace dialogs

1.6.1.  (released at 2007.08.01)
- Czech translation updated (work by Zdeněk Hájek)
- when saving the .ncd document as .nce if user chooses to delete original file, delete also all its backup files (data security)
- About dialog now has contact link and website link
- link wizard: set initial value of the URL field to the value of the selected text
- fix: when exporting single branch or node, internal links would become invalid, or point to wrong node (additionally, now on export to html add javasript code to alert on invalid link)
- important fix: FmtInfoList::AddFormatRange method was missing some code block merks "{}" -> should solve some yet unknown problems with formatting
- Makefile: created "make dmg" to build .dmg archive for Macintosh OS X
- do not ask delete confirmation for empty node with no children
- fix GTK warning when moving node left
- small fixes that should remove errors when compiling on FreeBSD (untested)
- support to execute links for Linux systems that don't have GnomeVFS (using /etc/mime.types and /etc/mailcap)
- updated translation catalog and Croatian translation

- fix problems with autosave system when running more that one instance of Notecase (another instance offers to delete autosave files of the first still-living instance): append PID at the end or autosave file name
- fix dialog for inserting date/time: on esc do nothing, remember selected format, set default focus to OK
- fix custom shortcuts matching algorithm (used only for tree view commands context)
- fix problem with color formatting (when adding a new segment inside another segment of different color)
- fix problem with formatting when a character, typed after the formatted area, after document save, receives the same formatting as the formatted area
- password dialog redesign: when entering new password, there are two entry widgets (to eliminate typing errors)
- implemented "Change password" feature for encrypted documents
- date/time dialog: allow selection when Enter pressed while combo has focus
- added support to execute your own external script to process exported file (post processing). Read more in this help topic

- Makefile: strip Zaurus binaries
- changes to enable compilation on Mac OSX
- support to import from text file
- import: if unknown format, ask user whether to import as text file
- fix: "delete all finished nodes" - do not set document modified if no nodes were deleted
- add define inside "config.h" to make crash log generation optional
- German translation updated (work by Marcus Hennig)
- fixes to enable better calculation of initial size for Shortcuts and LinkWizard dialogs (the size was not optimal when using different UI language)
- fix splitter look (add border shadows), add some border space around text widget
- optional "close to tray" feature (when clicked "x" on window title, minimize to tray instead of closing)
- Windows: detect and repair format handler settings in registry if handler application path is not valid

1.5.8  (released at 2007.06.28)
- small format change: add tag to define application that generated the document (for example "<meta name="generator" content="Notecase 1.5.8" />")
- launcher aplication now has the same icon as notecase
- check name and version of the application that generated the document (issue warining when editing doc created by different app or newer version of the same app)
- automatically use default shortcuts if Shortcuts section in the INI file does not exist
- set default locale to be "en_GB" instead of "en" (removes warnings)
- fix: do not try to set invalid/empty shortcuts (removes warnings)
- enable progress painting events when importing big files (fix different format loaders)
- fix: when deleting picture you can not get it back with UNDO action
- fixes to build Zaurus packages
- automatically update "Architecture:" field in the .deb control file
- French translation updated (work by Damien G)
- Polish translation updated (work by Piotr Kwiliński)
- German transaltion updated (work by Marcus Hennig)

- German translation updated (work by Marcus Hennig)
- Chinese translations updated (work by Saul Thomas)
- fixed problem with edit control not being editable in certain cases
- Italian translation updated (work by Giacomo Margarito)
- Spanish translation updated (work by Sergio D. Rodríguez Inclan)
- shortcut to start Shortcuts window changed to Alt+K
- fixed: it's not possible to assign <Alt+C> and <Alt+O> shortcuts because they are assigned to `CANCEL` and `OK` buttons
- fixed: shortcut to move node up causes node rename
- increased Shortcuts dialog size
- Shortcuts dialog: allow navigation with UP/DOWN/HOME/END keys

1.5.6.  (released at 2007.05.14)
- fixed invalid error text when saving file to the folder with no write permissions
  (fantom "Unsupported document format!" message)
- removed "text view context only"  from custom shortcuts dialog
- fix: autosave code - when clicked "No" to question "load autosave file", we should load the file specified on the command line
- updated Croatian translation and .pot file

- implemented "strikethrough" formatting
- German translation updated (work by Marcus)
- finished "custom shortcuts" system
- new command line parameter to set active node on startup
  ("Notecase.exe --node 12 d:\help.ncd")
- built-in more keyboard accelerators into the menus (underlined characters in the item name)
- insert date/time -> display popup to select date/time format (not fixed in settings)
- insert date/time -> added additional time-only format ("hh:mm:ss")
- fix: do not pop up progress dialog (on autosave) if the main window does not have focus

- added "Shortcuts editor" dialog
- Spanish translation updated (work by Sergio D. Rodríguez Inclan)
- fix: text color formatting: selecting the text and applying the text color two times in a row, causes that the text becomes unformatted (in sense of color)
- fix: text color formatting: when no text si selected and the the Color button is pressed, then the Color dialog does not appear but the button itself remains pressed (does not stay pressed any more)
- implemented "make deb" option to automatically build .deb package for Debian/Ubuntu
- fix: allow proper loading of (very) old format where <br> was not used as line delimiter
    (previously note lines would all load as a single line)
- Chinese (simplified) translation updated (work by Wells Wang)

- fix: enable compilation on GTK 2.4.x
- implemented "make ipk" to create .ipk package for Sharp Zaurus (pdaxrom)
- implemented "make weexpc" to create .ipk package for Sharp Zaurus (weexpc distribution, see http://www.hermocom.com/en/services/weexpc/)
- save image -> offer jpeg format (only png offered, but image saved as jpg), force proper file name extension
- fix: when clicked on tray icon - present window to the user
- updated GTK on windows to 2.10.11
- fix: when cliciking Cancel in color selection dialog (text color formatting), text would receive random color
- remember last picked color in the color selection dialog
- enable user color palette in the color selection dialog

1.5.2. (released at 2007.03.20)
- Italian translation updated (work by Giacomo Margarito)
- applied two small patches to fix/add menu shortcuts
- fix crashing in Node Property dialog

1.5.1. (released at 2007.03.18.)
- implemented undo operation for "delete all finished nodes"
- 6 new toolbar/menu icons (free icons from http://www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/)
- updated translation template (.POT) file and Croatian translation
- on export html add alt="" attribute to <img> (removes htmltidy warning)
- added decorative icon to the password window
- support to backup old version when saving the file, you can keep more than one backup file for a single document (defined in Options window),
  each save operation can generate new backup file, and oldest backup file can be replaced by new one
- added support for NOTECASE_INI environment variable (used to define ini file in portable version)
- portable Win version: ini file path is now set to "config/notecase.ini"
- the external .xpm icons illustrating the tree structure are now preferably saved with relative path, so they can be loaded in a cross platform way

- options gui: disable gui for memory locking on Win32
- write number of nodes in "word count" window
- security option (options dialog tab): automatic locking after a period of inactivity if using .enc format (save + unload current file)
- support to properly display documents that have \r\n line endings (in case you edited document in some text editor)
- fixed problems with command to delete all unfinished nodes from the document ("undo" still not yet implemented)
- Italian translation update (work by Giacomo Margarito)
- fix: problem with saving attachment to file (file written was bigger than it should be)
- fix: removed Ctrl+I shortcut for "Import" (now it is used by "Italic")
- feature: when inserting picture to the document you can scale down its size
- feature: pictures are now internaly stored in two formats: JPEG (preferred, due to much smaller size) and PNG (if you need to keep transparency etc.)
  User chooses the format when inserting the image in the document

- Linux: forbid creating core dump file (protects sensitive documents to leak into the file)
- fixed more subtle problems with text formatting code
- changed format of the main window title to be more useful on the small screen (and when window minimized)
- fix: when exporting to html, links to attachment files should be relative, not absolute
- when inserting child node under "finished" parent -> mark child "finished" too
- more detailed error description when file saving fails (more error states for file save operation)
- when exporting to HTML Notecase asks for each image if it should be overwritten -> new algorithm asks this question only once (for all files that have to be overwritten)
- security option (options dialog tab): lock application memory space from swapping

- added: "Delete Finished Nodes" command
- added support for multiline node titles (press Ctrl+Return while editing title to insert new line)
- added checkbox option to display password inside the password dialog (state is stored in INI)
- fix: importing encrypted document (.nce) did not work (always failed)
- fixed problem with "remove formatting" option
- embedded images - store original filename as "title" field of <img> tag
- change: when exporting file recreate original file name for embedded attchments and pictures
- escape link URI (more proper html format, removes htmltidy warnings)
- export dialog: convert all backslashes in (CSS) links to slashes (making UNIX friendly paths)
- fixed problem with formatting code (when merging formatting areas into one)

- fix problems with file export through command line
- French translation update (work by Evan Bibbee)
- added support for "--embed-css" command line
- added support for "--export-branch" command line ("--export-branch 75")
- fix: crash when deleting text with the hyperlink
- Czech translation update (work by Zdeněk Hájek)
- Italian translation update (work by Luca Waldner)
- fix: problems with image moving in the text when we delete some text before it
- fix: clicking on a link did not take into account if the text view was scrolled (could execute wrong link)

- Spanish translation updated (work by Daniel Bernal)
- German translation updated (work by Alex Strobel)
- Arabic translation created (work by "Linostar")
- added window mirroring support for Right-to-Left languages (currently only main window)
- fix: when exporting document to html, generate unique image/attachment names (within the document)
- Makefile fix: added missing code to update HAVE_GNOME_VFS in the source code based on the state of makefile variable
- list of nodes can be moved to the right (setting)
- forbid formatting actions when there is no selection

1.4.5.   (released at 2007.01.21.)
- fix: double-clicking on linked text to URLs do not open a web browser window (HAVE_GNOME_VFS was removed from config.h)
- fix: Link Properties dialog layout: fields cropped on the right (on linux only)
- fixed some issues with clearing text formatting
- Spanish translation updated (work by Daniel Bernal)
- html export setting to store embedded data (img and files) as separate files
- updated .pot file and Croatian translation
- ask to overwrite file on export

- added undo/redo support for adding/removing file attachments
- fixes in NoteDocument::Merge method (fixes some problems with undo/redo for DnD)
- fix: do not write empty <DD></DD> tag blocks (for empty nodes)
- when exporting html TOC is written using <ul>and <li> tags
- fix: Shift-Ctrl-T adds a space in front of the date
- html export: add link names like "Attachment_01" for embedded attachment files
- crash logs can be deleted  from the crash log warning dialog

- when exporting to html (with CSS) each node gets and CSS ID name based on the node's level (e.g. "<DT ID="Level3">Node</DT>")
  This way user is enabled to have different node styles based on node depth level.
- support for node attachments (you can attach files to the node)
- shortcuts for formatting: Ctrl+B, Ctrl+i, Ctrl+U
- new shortcut to move focus Ctrl+B -> Ctrl+P

- fix: if you collapse ancestor node of the selected node, the selection vanishes and cannot be raised via keyboard anymore (move marking to the collapsed node)
- separate handling when executing link to another Notecase document (prevents problems when document format is not properly registered)
- added context menu option to save picture to file (when mouse is over the picture)
- link wizard: set initial focus to url, set OK button as default
- fixed VS2005 to build NotecaseLauncher.exe into bin directory
- converted all translation files to utf8 charset (please let me know if you notice any problem)
  (converted: ca, cs, de, el, et, fi, fr, fr_CA, hr, hu, ro, sk, sl, sr, notecase.pot)
- fix: notexase.xpm is now installed in /usr/share/pixmaps rather than in /usr/share/icons
- write time in miliseconds precision inside the crash log
- fix: when inserting date-time in tree view title, do not select the text after the insert

- new class FmtInfoList, text formatting buttons are now in toggle mode (can be used to remove the formatting)
- added "remove all formatting" feature
- fixed problem when reordering nodes using mouse (drag and drop)
- fixed loading of help file on Linux (F1)
- options window layout: txt/bkg color buttons are now in the same line
- fix: "delete" button on the toolbar bar does not work for nodes (only for selected text)
- crash dump: append program version at the end
- build NotecaseLauncher to /bin directory

- Portable Notecase: created Launcher tool to launch Notecase in portable mode (from memory stick with no GTK installed). Read instructions in the FAQ section
- fix: better command line handling on Windows (when document name with spaces was send without being quoted)
- fix: "reload last document" stopped working recently
- added: "Automatically save when closing application" option (requested feature)
- crash log now has timestamp for each entry
- detect and report crash log files

- changes in encrypted format, now using password salting to ensure better protection against attacks based on precomupted hash table lookup
- implemented undo/redo for insert image operation DocActionPix
- created DocActionFmt class, implemented undo/redo for text formatting
- password dialog: implemented two times entry mode when saving the file (to confirm password is correctly input)

- code to mark node "finished" moved to separate DocActionFinish class
- on export to ".exe" do not copy previous attached document together with exe file
- added support to mark node text in bold, italic, underline or with custom color
- Dutch translation updated (work by Michael van Schaik)

- add support to insert picture into the document, added DocActionPix class
- Italian translation updated (work by Giacomo Margarito)
- added CBase64 class
- you can set a custom location for your help file using NOTECASE_HELP environment variable

1.3.6.   (released at 2006.12.25.)
- fix: when reading from embedded document, do not offer to save changes to the same file (on "File/Save" option)
- code cleanups
- updated .pot file and Croatian translation

- added branch sorting feature (ascending/descending)
- export document as embedded in the standalone .exe file

- operation progress dialog moved to separate class
- operation progress dialog now has a timeout (does not show for short operations)
- html export option (see separate tab in Options dialog): embedd CSS file directly into the exported HTML document(s)
- html export option: convert link to image to standard image
- html export option: generate table of contents up to defined depth
- html export: set document title calculated from export file name
- important fix: when loading encrypted doc -> prgress dialog blocks working with password input dialog

1.3.3.   (released at 2006.12.09.)
- display error on import
- display error if internal link target (a document node) does not exist anymore
- MM/LX format: parsing <NF1> and <NF0> tags
- MM/LX format: strip # from links to another map file (internal links across files are not supported in Notecase)
- added DOCTYPE tag for exported HTML (removes HTML Tidy warning)
- fixed: app crash when changing an existing link data
- insert date (Ctrl+Shift+T) is now supoprted in Node properties window (title)
- added progress animation when loading big file
- fixed loading some strangely formatted MM/LX documents (text line prefixed with spaces)
- added animated progress when saving file
- added initial undo/redo code when setting node branch "finished"
- added a bunch of internal messages to circular buffer that is being dumped to file in case of crash
- fix: when deleitn the node, ensure confirmation dialog is not too large (elipsis on node name)
- set Link wizard to be a modal window
- fix: if the text of a link in text view is shortened new link size was wrongly calculated

- fix: link wizard window was resized out of proportions when having a very large node title
- fix: main window was resized out of proportions when having a very large node title
- painting tree node link to the blue color
- optional code (#ifdef _ZAURUS_BUILD): single click on already selected node triggers node rename or link executed (if the node is the link)
- added support for MM/LX Mindmap/Outline document format (import only)
- Chech translation updated (work by  Zdeněk Hájek)
- format matching by extension is now case insensitive

- added support for internal links (link pointing to a document node)
  WARNING: new format is not compatible with the old Notecase versions!!!
- notecase startup should be much faster now (available translations are listed on demand now)
- fixed a bug with growing list of empty node keywords
- added support for tree node to be a link source (double clicking on a node activates the link)

- added small notification message window "Please wait..." when loading document
- when seting "finished" state, set it also for descendant nodes, when removig "finshed" state, ask user
- fixed some problems with refreshing new Id-to-Idx map object
- date/time format can be customized now inside the "Options" window
- fixed: when in tree label editing mode, do not minimize application when Esc eky is pressed
- fixed: pressing "Esc" withing "Yes/No/Cancel" message box from now equals to Cancel
- ini file object is now global to speed-up notecase startup

- added command to enter current date/time into the textview or edited node title (depending what is having focus) (Ctrl+Shift+T)
- added support to recursively export all linked .ncd documents as a set of linked .html files when exporting to html (also with "--export-links" command line flag)
- optimized TreeView::SelectionEnd() method
- added Profile build in VC6.0 project
- update GTK+ for Win32 to version 2.10.6
- speed optimization of methods (VC60 profiler): NoteDocument::GetNodeCount, NoteDocument::GetText(), ..., reduced number of NoteDocument::GetIdxFromID calls
    - loading 18MB .ncd document (AMD64 Athlon 64 X2 Dual / 1GB RAM): old code - 35 sec, new code - 5 sec (new code is 7x faster)
- fix: pasting branch doesn't show document modified sign (* character in the main window title)
- another speedup when loading the 18MB test document (5s -> 3s)
    now we use ID to Idx map inside NoteDocument::GetIdxFromID
    -> as a consequence work with huge documents (having large num. of nodes) is much faster now (subjectively)

- fix: when clicked on tree branch expander (for already selected node) we used to trigger tree node rename
- after loading the new file or creating new (empty) document, set focus to the tree widget
- clear node title bar after creating new (empty) document
- some memory leaks fixed
- some code fixes for tree operations (copy branch, undo/redo)
- when pasting branch to root select the branch node
- added additional shortcuts for inserting nodes (more convinent for Zaurus users)
    Ctrl+J           - insert node
    Ctrl+Shift+J - insert node under selected node
- fix: new file export dalog did not remember/restore last used file name
- fix: when editing tree item lable, use the same font inside the entry widget as the one used to draw the tree nodes
- disable "New Notecase" menu item when "Single instance" mode is switched on
- added "Link Wizard" to the context menu of a selected piece of text in text view
- if not restricted by "AllowSingleInstance" option, open help in the new Notecase instance
- fixed: copy branch structuture used to copy only selected item

- Russian translation updated (work by Sergey Kovalev)
- German translation updated (work by Alex Strobel)
- fix recent bug with doc title not recognizing special HTML characters like &amp;
- small file format change: using Unix line endings '\n' instead of DOS format ones '\r\n'
- fixed problem with focus when using Ctrl-T to cycle the view modes
- fixed crash when exporting single node
- fixed crash when importing document
- fixed view cycle mode feature (Ctrl+T) causing the window to grow in size
- do not start GTK GUI when using --export-file flag

1.2.6. (released at 2006.11.06.)
- merge tree branch operations with Edit's "Copy/Paste/Cut" menu items
- File64::Write - retry calling write if error code EINTR (Linux)
- added status bar text with info on selected node (percent/number of "finished" children/descendants)
- File64::GetPosition() - added linux implementation
- internal format change - stopped using <PRE> tag when storing node text (now exported text obeys CSS wrapping)
- Linux make: convert sources to Unix file format on "make pack"
- .ncd and .nce formats now share some part of document saving code (FormatIO_HTML::WriteDocContents)
- sprintf calls replaced with snprintf (additional security)
- revert to old makefile system with some improvements backported

- fix: set default permissions for document files to 0600 (Linux code)
- updated to latest GTK+ for Win32 (gtk-2.8.20-win32-1.exe)
- gnome_vfs_init/gnome_vfs_shutdown moved to better place (removes valgrind leak report)
- Ctrl+T now cycles through the 3 view modes: text view only, tree view only, both views visible
- when cycling the view modes, preserve splitter ratio
- important fix for 64bit build - fixed CBlowfish DWORD definition
- remember/restore last used path within the file open dialog and file export dialog
- added tree "Cut branch" operation
- added Undo/redo support for tree branch paste operation
- implemented "New Notecase" menu item

- when saving to already existing file, use two-step process: first save to temp file, then overwrite the target file with the temp file (preserves data in case Notecase crashes while saving)
- important fix in Blowfish implementation (could cause Notecase crash)
- removed iconv.dll from Win32 install (latest GTK installer works ok)
- makefile system: do not define DEBUG flag by default
- memory leak fixes (hidebusycursor)
- code refactoring
- CSHA1 class updated (fixes problems on x86_64 CPUs)
- fixed zlib memory leak for .nce format reading (IOLayerEnc was not calling Finalize() of the next layer)
- German translation updated (work by Alex Strobel)
- additional fixes to remove link errors with new CSHA1

1.2.3. (released at 2006.10.08.)
- mouse click (release) over an already marked item -  edit tree node title
- update translation template file (.pot) and Croatian translation

- new save dialog implementation (choice of file format is much more clear now)
- added word count implementation (Ctrl+K shortcut)
- removed ".hnc" format from standard Open/Save dialogs (it can be exported/imported like the rest of foreign formats)
- export dialog - optionally define CSS path when exporting to html
- implemented "--export-file" and "--export-css" command line flags to use Notecase as automatical export tool (see FAQ section of the help for an example)
- implemented "--password" flag to be able to load encrypted documents from command line
- upgraded Gtk+ installer for Win32 to version 2.8.20-rc1
- added file overwrite check for file export (warning: not used when exporting from command line!)

- display instructional messages into status bar
- added copy of all tree commands into the main menu
- fix: improved check when checking if program is properly registered to handle file format (Win32 code)
- option to set tabulator width
- Catalan translation created (work by Joan Llosas)
- fixed Catalan locale code
- fix compiling app when HAVE_GNOME_VFS not defined
- language names in the Options dialog are now sorted

- Czech translation updated  (work by Zdenek Hajek)
- pressing Space key in the tree view will toggle the "finished" property for the selected node
- added some paralel/alternative shortcuts (requred by Zaurus users having no Function or Insert keys):
    Show Help                          - Ctrl + D
    Switch Focus (Tree/Text)  - Ctrl + B
    Rename Node               - Ctrl + M
    Find next                   - Ctrl+Shift+F
    Insert Node        - Ctrl + Right Arrow
    Insert Child Node     - Ctrl + Shift + Right Arrow
- French translation updated (work by finchen)
- Italian translation updated (work by Giacomo Margarito)
- Chinese translation updated (work by Jason Wang)
- fix:  properly set the color for text-view caret (caret could end up invisible)
- change: when inserting a new item - insert it behind selected item not at the end!
- fix: making NoteCase format obeying  HTML standard more closely (Html Tidy tool does not report any warning now)

1.1.9.  (released at 2006.08.28.)
- added "finished" document node property - causes note title in the tree view to be drawn with strikethrough style
- fix installer for bug with invalid iconv.dll inside the GTK+ installation ("The procedure entry point libiconv_set_relocation_prefix could not be located in the dynamic link library iconv.dll.")
- implemented branch (and branch structure only) copy and paste
- updated .pot file and Croatian translation

- fix title bar text size being too small on Debian distro (thanks to Paul Eipper)
- support files to create .deb package (thanks to Paul Eipper)
- Polish translation updated   (work by Wojciech Kocjan)
- added "date created" and "date modified" document node properties (read only)
- new Makefile system (thanks to Paul Eipper)

1.1.7 (released at 2006.07.19.)
- Slovenian translation updated  (work by Tadej Humar)
- upgraded Windows project to use GTK 2.8.18-rc1

- added undo/redo support for hyperlink operation
- Portugese (Brazilian) translation updated (work by Paul Eipper)
- German translation updated (work by Alex Strobel)
- on first save, set file dialog directory to user's home dir
- added "text only" view option (hides tree control)
- added timeout when merging multiple consecutive actions (text isnert or text delete) into a single undo action (needs testing)

- upgraded Windows project to use GTK 2.8.14-rc1
- Spanish translation updated (work by Daniel Bernal)
- write new line character as <br> when exporting document as HTML
- slight tweaks to Windows installer (display readme file)
- Finnish translation updated (work by Erkka Koski)
- implemented text/background color customization
- fixed problem when compiling on FC5 (gcc 4.1)

1.1.4. (released at 2006.01.10.)
- Chinese translation (zh_CN) updated (work by Dave Man)
- Chinese Traditional (zh_TW) translation created (work by Dave Man)
- added suport for Visual C++ 2005
- fixed problem with calculating ini file directory for Windows (GetHomeDir())
- added info test when opening new file ("use context menu to add a node")

- Russian translation updated (work by Sergey Kovalev)
- Czech translation updated (work by Zdenek Hajek)
- fix: exporting encrypted format causes app hanging (thanks to feedback from Hennie Briel)
- set different cursor when mouse is over hyperlink
- added support for "https://" link for Linux
- replace dlg - rename "cancel" to "close"
- updated ASSERT macro (no more warning in release build on linux)
- minimize application with Esc key press
- add warning when starting link wizard and no text selected
- Dutch translation updated (work by Myckel Habets)

1.1.2. (released at 2005.10.22.)
- fixed memory leak in CBlowfish destructor
- added support for Mongolian, Amharic, Bengali, Esperanto, Basque into GuiLanguage table
- fixes for GTK < 2.6 (FC3 compilation) -> do not use gtk_combo_box_get_active_text for older GTK+
- fix: if the pathname contained double-byte characters, filename would not get displayed on the title bar
- added support to remove links through the Link Wizard
- warning when saveing the document with hyperlinks into .hnc format (this format doeas not support hyperlinks)
- updated .pot file and Croatian translation
- French and French (Canadian) translations updated (work by Catherine Beauchemin)
- Estonian translation updated (work by Eero Vegmann)
- Tamil translation updated (work by Viveka Nathan K)
- added http://, ftp:// and mailto: link handling for Linux (already works on Windows)
- added support for multibyte file names (thanks to report and help by Francis Shumkinhang)
- added support for undo in file replace operation
- help documentation updated (technical description of file formats, compiling with Mingw, ...)
- changed archive format from zip to tar.gz for RPM building

- added LinkInfo, LinkPropertiesDlg classes
- added code to execute file or URL (PIDL.cpp, FileExecute.cpp)
- implemented I/O for HTML links
- fix: make Ctrl+V and similar operations work in tree edit mode (label editing)
- Slovenian translation updated (work by Tadej Humar)
- Russian translation updated (work by Владимир В Давыдов)
- MingW makefile updated (also added resources)
- removed LibNote.h/.cpp files
- FindDialog & FindReplaceDialog: set default find string (from text selection OR (if empty) from last value)
- added total count report for "Replace All" action in FindReplaceDialog
- support for replace within node title
- updated .pot file and Croatian translation

- Japanese translation added (work by Masahiro Takagi)
- added support to attach one or more keywords to each document note (see node properties dialog)
- fix issues when main window loses focus when some of its modal dialogs are closed
- added support to search nodes by keywords (Find dialog)

- added support to resume text search from the start of the document (ask user at the document end)
- fixed TextView::EnsureVisible method
- differ Chinese simplified and traditional translations
- Polish translation update (work by Grzegorz Kosakowski)
- added FindReplaceDialog, FindReplceInfo classes
- fix: ask to save changes on "File->Quit"
- Find - Replace feature implemented
- updated Brazilian Portugese translation (work by Paul Eipper)
- fix: bug in Options dialog with display of message box "You must restart NoteCase for changes to take effect!";
  in some cases it was not displayed when it should and sometimes displayed when it should not (thanks to Paul Eipper for reporting)

- updated Italian translation (work by pinna)
- updated Slovak translation (work by Michal Adámek)
- added support for NOTECASE_HOME in GetHomeDir()
- fix: text find feature could have selected wrong result (corrected for utf-8 contents)
- fix: numbers in enc header must be stored in network neutral way - big endian
- added support to search inside note titles too
- minor tweaks in file export dialog
- added cancel option when asking to save modified file (on exit and on new document)
- disable text view when no node created/selected

- renamed all format classes to start with FormatIO_ name prefix
- implemented new dialog for Export (added FileExportDlg class, removed old ExportDialog class)
- added support for command line switch "--help"
- added class FormatIOTxt (implemented export to plain text)
- removed DocumentList class (was not being used)
- added format descriptions in the help documentation
- code now compiles on MSYS/MINGW framework, added Mingw makefile

- created .bat script to prepare locale directory for Win32 release (no need to store .mo files anymore)
- Spanish translation updated (work by Daniel Bernal)
- Estonian translation updated (work by Eero Vegmann)
- added zlib sources in the project (preparing to add compression into the encrypted format)
- added classes IOProcess, IOLayerBase, IOLayerZlib, IOLayerFile64, renamed File64Enc to IOLayerEnc
- Czech translation updated (work by Zdeněk Hájek)
- fix: set empty node title when nothing selected (also on file_load)
- MAJOR CODE CHANGES: implemented new version of encrypted document (.nce) adding zlib compression step inside
  average document size in 50% or the original document

1.0.5 (released at 2005.09.05.)
- fixed "make help" bug on Linux
- added binary_search to speed up HTML escape chars checking
- updated .pot file and hr.po (1 phrase changed)
- simplified "make pouninstall" code in the Linux makefile
- added support for HTML escaping inside node title
- added HTML tag into document format to define UTF-8 charset (now you can just rename .ncd to .html and the document will be correctly displayed in the web browser)
- important fixed for drag and drop, and undo/redo mechanisms
- some new documentation added to this document
- Spanish translation updated (work by Daniel Bernal (afterXleep) <afterxleep@mylemontree.com>)
- Estonian translation added (work by Eero Vegmann <eerove@gmail.com>)
- fix: when deleting node at the end of the tree, on undo it would return at the top (sibling index was not saved)
- added large number of code comments to help describing the code architecture
- switch from TreeView -> TextView - also using <Tab> key (more intuitive)
- fixed: when deleting the first top level node, node selection vanishes
- fixes with node title bar appearance: font size = 1.5 * size of node text font, added some veritical padding, x alignment set to 0
- added some fixes to allow ompilation on older GTK+ 2.4.x (FC3)

- export operation was not aborted whan pressing cancel button
- fixed an crash when autosave occurs while node label is being edited (with empty name in edit field)
- do not allow empty node titles
- upgraded gtk+ inside Win32 installer to 2.6.10-rc1
- VC compiler: moved include directories from global settings into project settings (easier setup for developers)
- added Slovenian translation (work by Tadej Humar <tadejhumar@gmail.com>)
- IMPORTANT: fixed support to export some custom characters to HTML, better UTF-8 handling, added glib-2.0 dependency

- added drag and drop support for reordering tree nodes
- fixed two remaining warnings on gcc 4.0
- forbid toolbar from getting keyboard focus (tree widget now has default focus)
- added custom debugging macros ASSERT, TRACE, ...
- updated Portugese translation (work by Sergio Santos <prannock@gmail.com>)
- added Tamil translation (work by Viveka Nathan K <vivekanathan@gmail.com>)
- fixed some memory leaks (debugging with valgrind)
- DumpDocument moved to document class

- cleanup of previous (v1.0.1) patch by Standa Mitrega (patch by Standa Mitrega)
- patch to fix problems with tree navigation using keyboard (patch by Standa Mitrega)
- added Swedish translation (work by Thomas Jansson <thomasjansson@users.sourceforge.net>)
- fix: added support for Malay language in the GuiLanguage language table
- fixed Linux makefile to dynamically install/uninstall available .po files (no fixed list is needed)
- added Malay translation (work by Steelburn <steelburn@gmail.com>)

- Turkish translation updated (work by Onur Kizmaz)
- renamed notecase source code directory to include version number (required Linux .spec file and Makefile changes)
- Czech translation updated (work by Zdenek Hajek)
- support to remember/restore node selection when clicking to another node and back (patch by Standa Mitrega)
- small fixes in the RPM .spec file
- Dutch translation updated (work by Myckel Habets)

1.0.0 (released at 2005.07.18.)
- bumped version to 1.0

- finished implementation of the node proeprties dialog (tree context menu) including node icon settings
- fixed tray icon size under Linux
- updated .pod file from source, updated Croatian translation

- fixes for loosing widget focus when saving the document file (thanks to feedback by Akbar)
- added NodePropertiesDlg class
- added set of internal icons
- added Norwegian translation (work by Marielle Jeanette Løvbakken )

- added patch from Standa Mitrega <s.mitrega@seznam.cz> to enable focus switching between tree and text views using F5 key
- added Indonesian translation (work by M. Yusuf Hamdan)
- important fixes in Import code (tree merging)

- Linux: moved Vendor, Distribution and Packager fields from notecase.spec to .rpmmacros file
- OptionDialog fixes (do not warn on language combo change, but on OK pressed)
- code cleanup: moved some initialization code from main.cpp to MainWindow.cpp
- Linux makefile: added OBJ variable to allow separate directories for object files and binary file
- added support to import Sticky Notes document (requires .xml extension on the document) (suggested by William Case)
- moved Import/Export menu items from tree context menu to main menu
0.9.3. (released at 2005.06.21.)
- added better report for document loading errors (separate text for each error code)
- added some error checking on document load (before you could rename .txt file to .ncd and load it)
- fixed handlers for tree scrolling with Page_Down and Page_Up keypress
- updated notecase.pot and Croatian translation (hr.po)
- changed Serbian translation name to sr.po even it is not official code, but at least works on my Windows machine
- update Win installer to latest gtk-2.6.8-rc1

- restored stock images in the menus (they were lost in conversion from stock to hand-made menu items)
- moved all OptionDialog initialisation code into dialog itself, also for OnOK handler code
- fixed tray icon menu (left click -> restore, right click -> menu)
- a memory leak fixed with the help of valgrind
- added some stock icons in the tray menu
- fix: divider can end up with width = 0 on the new installation
- fix: important fixes for undo/redo system (now works with tree branch deletion)

- changed RPM .spec file to use %find_lang macro
- updated French and Canadian French translations (work by Catherine Beauchemin)
- added Czech translation (thanks to Zdenek Hajek <zdena@inmail.cz>)
- fixed Czech locale from "cs_CS" to "cs_CZ"
- added autosave support (making temprary backup copy each x seconds in case of application crash)


- some small Linux fixes
- Dutch translation updated (work by Myckel Habets)
- added Serbian translation (work by Marija Mikaric)
- fixes for Serbian language locale code
- added MainWindow class
- German translation updated (work by  Daniel Kraft)

(released at 2005.05.29.)
- changed text wrapping to "wrap by word" instead "by character" (thanks to suggestion by Eric S. Johansson)
- code cleanups
- moved most of tree view code to TreeView class
- added new TextView class, moved most of the text view code in that class
- when inserting new node, trigger label edit mode to allow user to name the node (thanks to suggestion by Eric S. Johansson)
- option to restore last window/divider position/size (thanks to suggestion by Clifford Clavern)
- updated .pot file and hr.po file

- added some fixes to remove 64bit compilation warnings (thanks to patch by Toshio Kuratomi)
- added TreeView wrapper class
- fixed '/' instead of '\' in file name issue when loading help file  (suggestion by Sebastian Juergens)
- properly align left the node title bar (thanks to suggestion by Sebastian Juergens)
- added Finnish translation (work by Aleksi Suomalainen)
- added new icon

0.8.7 (released at 2005.05.03.)
- tree browsing: left arrow key press, if no expanded children, go to parent node
- tree browsing: right arrow key, if children already expanded, go to first child
- blocked GTK tree search mode

- updated .pot file and hr.po file
- added Korean translation (work by Choi Ill Young)
- Chinese translation updated (work by Ma Shellwe)
- Dutch translation updated (work by Myckel Habets)
- updates with Linux mime registration (notecase now properly started from nautilus when document double clicked)
- Win installer: updated to latest gtk v2.6.7-rc1
- tray icon: added tooltip support

- fix: converted stock menu items to hand made ones to facilitate translating those items
  (New, Open, Save, Save As, Quit, Cut, Copy, Paste)
- Linux: cut down from 16 to 11 needed libraries by adding "-Os -s -Wl,--as-needed" link flags

- fix: opening option dialog and changing language, opening again and the lang change is not visible
- fix: store $prefix value (on Linux only) in config.h at compile time (fixes help file/locale dir calculation when installed in non-default directory)
   -> thanks goes to Myckel Habets for reporting this bug

- updated Polish translation (work by Adam Podstawczyński)
- added upx-pack.bat script into the archive
- new Portugese (Brazil) translation (work by Anderson Amaral)

0.8.2 (released at 2005.03.31.)
- write NoteCase version in the window title
- Dutch translation updated (work by Myckel Habets)
- Chinese translation update (work by Ma Shellwe)

- added Greek translation (work by Maria Rigaki)
- updated .pot file, updated hr translation
- updated win32 installer to latest gtk (2.6.4-rc2)
- on rename node main title must be refreshed (modified state display "*")
- fr.po, fr_CA.po updates (work by Catherine Beauchemin)

- fixes that should correct node "reappearing" after reload (old file is now deleted)
- fixed source code dir setting in .pot file
- removed close button ("x") in options dialog
- started work on Linux version of single instance app code

0.7.9 (released at 2005.03.24.)
- implemented single instance option (Win32 only)
- updated Chinese translation (by Ma Shellwe)

- pt translation updated (work by eSkiSo)
- added option to minimize app to tray
- updated to latest Gtk inside Win32 installer (2.6.4)
- tray icon feature: controlled by Ini file/options dialog
- notecase ini.save -> ensure ini directory exists

- added menu option to hide status bar
- added bunch of asserts in debug mode
- fr, fr_CA translation updates (by Catherine Beauchemin)

- added Russian translation (work by Serdge V. Pechenko)
- Linux: set 644 file permission when saving the file
- fixed "move up" function to move node to the level of the parent when no previous siblings exist
- there are now two "insert node" commands - standard one inserts node into the root, and the other one inserts no as a child od selected node
- added profiling support into the Linux makefile
- when clicking on click already active node - do not reload (preserves scroll position)

0.7.5. (released at 2005.03.03)
- Win32 installer: some fixes to make PATH registration working
- fixed problems with wait cursor being displayed when password window is popped up
- translation updates: notecase.pot, hr.po, zh.po
- added Danish translation (work by Michael Brinklřv)
- added Win32 installer option: "Don't create Start Menu Folder"

- refresh document modified flag when moving node in tree
- Win32 installer: add Gtk into notecase.exe private PATH

- added wait cursor + disable main window when saving/loading document
- fixed memory leak with FormatIO object allocation

- select another node after selected node deleted
- added expand all/collapse all options
- Win32: defined "Profile" build in VC++

- updated program description in .spec file
- switched toolbar icons to small size
- added new "Reload" document menu option

- updated Polish and Chinese translations
- fixed tree navigation when using down_arrow (go to node parent's sibling if node does not have its own siblings)
- tweaking file dialogs
- updated gtk version in win installer (gtk-win32-2.6.2-rc1.exe)

- added "make updatemime" section in Makefile
- added %post and %postun section in .spec file (mime updating)
- updated French, Portugese, Italian, Dutch  and Romanian translations

0.6.8. (released at 2005.02.06.)
- added Romanian translation (work by Adi Oporanu)
- updated French translation (work by Chillee)
- fix: when renaming node document was not marked as modified
- fix: moving node up stopped working since last release

- fix parent for "restart_on_language_change" message window
- added Polish translation (work of Pawel Menich)
- updated translation template file (notecase.POT)
- updated croatian translation file

- added Portugese translation (work of eSkiSo)
- Win32 installer: upgrade gtk to version 2.6.1-rc4
- multilanguage: if the catalog for selected language is not available switch to english
- about box: print info on locale of the program, not global one

- important bug fix: when moving child node up and deleting old
  parent node, ex-child could lose contents
- changed a message phrase to make it more clear
- new behaviour: if user cancels document saving (after pressing Yes in confirmation)
  keep old document open (suggested by Viliam Búr)
- fixes when loading help file multiple times
  (do not show confirmation message every time, just in case of changes - suggested by Viliam Búr)

- added Slovak translation (work of Viliam Búr)
- bug: when opening help, new document was destroyed without question
  (reported by Viliam Búr)
- changed some message phrases to make them more clear
- updated pot file

- added few #includes in the code (to fix compilation for Ma Shellwe - Mac)
- moved history list cleaning to the MRU menu iteself
- added confirmation window when deleting MRU list

- added option button to clean recent file history menu (MRU)
- added some files in installer needed for Win95 and Win98

- updated Windows GTK installer to version 2.6.1-rc3
- Chinese translation updated

0.6.0. (released at 2005.01.23.)
- added some new language descriptions into language table
- removed some POT fields from po translation files
- updated npocase.pot from sources (1 new phrase)
- Croatian translation updated

- update undo/redo toolbar buttons state
- added Turkish translation (work of Onur Kizmaz)

- added GetHelpFile() method
- differentiate reasons why file was not loaded
  (do not remove file from MRU if the file exists, but failed to open)
- cleanup -> added separate method for toolbar creation

- added more language table entries
- added user warning when changing the language ("You must restart ...")
- added tooltips on toolbar buttons
- fixed error when document was flagged as modified just by browsing another node

- added Norwegian (Nynorsk) translation (work of Olle Gladso)
- updates/fixes in internal list of languages (more langs, added Win32 language IDs)
- fixes for multilanguage system on Windows   
- updates on .spec file (set new Packager name, ...)

- en.POT -> notecase.pot
- added Dutch translation (work of Myckel Habets)
- updated Chinese translation (Ma Shellwe)
- added Hungarian translation (work of Kalló Bernát)
- fixed GTK warnings for using deprecate toolbar API

0.5.4 (released at 2005.01.13.)
- small updates to the .desktop file
- important fixes for text buffer insert/delete (block callbacks for internal operation)
- added undo action for document import operation

- updated translation template file (en.POT)
- fixes/updates in hr.po translation
- finished undo action for node move operation
- updated Gtk version in Win32 installer (2.6.1)
- code refactoring

- added toolbar
- menu option to show/hide toolbar (stored in INI)

- added French translation (work of Clément Courbet)
- added Canadian French translation (work of Jacques Déry)
- updated Gtk version in Win32 installer (2.4.14-rc2)

- undo/redo support now works for tree nodes creation/deletion
- undo: merge multiple typed chars into single insert action (if typed one after another)
- undo: merge multiple deleted chars into single delete action (if typed one after another)
- added Spanish translation (work of Jared Call and José G. Moya Yangüela)

- updated all po catalogs (hr.zh.it)
- added new catalogs into Makefile, iss script, spec file
- removed contents from version.h to config.h
- added German translation (work by Hermann Wiener)
- undo/redo support now works for text typing and deleting and node renaming

- finished work on DocActionManager
- created View menu, moved some items uder it
- created Undo and Redo menu items
- added Italian translation (work of Pier Paolo Biagi)

- starting work on Undo/Redo framework
- created class DocAction
- created class DocActionManager

- found few strings previously not marked for translation
- updates for Chinese translation (work of Ma Shellwe)
- updates for Croatian translation (work by the author)

- fixes with text editing -> modified flag notification
- on save_as - remember/restore last used directory for saving
- using PasswordDialog class
- created set of new dialog classes: OptionsDialog, FindDialog, ExportDialog
- added Chinese language into the list of languages
- added Chinese translation file (work of Ma Shellwe)
- update to Croatian translation (added underscores to define menu shortcut letters)

- multilanguage: use locale instead of ISO code on Win too
- added shortcut key for "Options" menu (F7)
- fix: when doing "save as" on already saved document
  set exisiting name instead of "untitled.ncd" in file dialog
- fix: Makefile "poinstall" section (Linux)
- added notecase.xml into installation (Linux)
- fixes in notecase.desktop file (Linux)

- updates for InnoSetup script: delete copy gtk setup in tmp dir, delete it after installation done
- multiple fixes around GTK multilanguage system under Linux
  (on Linux it requires "hr_HR" locale even if the catalog is "hr")
- fixed ugly shortcut texts in menus (added accelerators)
- updated POT translation file due to menu shortcut text changes

0.4.2 (released at 2004.12.08.)
- refresh node title when node deleted
- added menu option to show/hide node title bar
- save/restore from INI visiblity state of note title bar

- updated Win32 setup to gtk v2.4.14
- added EnumerateDirectory method (used to list available locales)
- updated message catalogs (*.po)
- added mo file installation code into the makefile
- listed (hardcode) mo files into the .spec file

- added GuiLanguage class (working with message catalogs)
- added language selection combo (options dialog)
- added node title label above node text area (request by Pablo)

- when saving new file force valid extension format
- when saving new file offer default file name (untitled.ncd)
- fix windows installer: pack runtime GTK installation instead development one
- fix: ENABLE_NLS is now defined globally (fixes multilanguage support)
- support for starting application at login time (Win32 only)

0.3.8  (released at 2004.11.24.)
- preparing multilanguage support (does not work yet)
- added first .po/.mo files into the project (Croatian translation)
- some cleanups

- support to import gjots2 format (requires .gjots2 document extension)
- added function File64::Seek, File64::GetPosition
- fixes for password (and other) dialog modal state

- created InnoSetup Windows installer with integrated GTK installation
- added text wrap menu option
- added text wrap option in options dialog (startup optiion)

0.3.5 (released at 2004.10.26.)
- implemented font settings (separate settings for tree and text view)
- added option check "Start at logon" (not yet implemented)
- added find dialog, "find" and "find next" menus
- added TextSearch class
- added basic find/find next support (only down direction supported)
- Makefile fix: when rpm creates local zip delete it after copy -> use move

- fixes to compile on Linux FC1 (older gtk2 version)
- fixes on File43 class (non-root user couldn't load read-only help file)
- removed "test" application from source codes
- fixed application icon setting on Linux
- added font picker buttons into option dialog
- moved file format registration to "Option" dialog

- Linux Makefile updates (added "make install", "make uninstall", "make rpm")
- rpm .spec file updates (by Neil)
- delete check -> : must display note title
- started work on Dialog class (GTK wrapper for modal dialogs)
- password dialog now shows file name
- password dijalog - when Enter pressed in password box. activate OK button

- added user confirmation dialog when deleting document nodes
- added initial options dialog
- maximize on start option
- reload last used document option
- support for title in file open/save dialog
- password and other dlgs: do not show as separate icons on task bar, set parent, ...
- bug fixes

0.3.1  (released 04.10.2004)
- defined new (fixed) position for help file under Linux
- supported export to HTML (.html) document!

0.3.0.  (2004-09-23)
- when deleting node clear text from edit field
- when loading new document fails, delete old tree
   (because doc object is emptied in the process)
- added copy constructor and operator = to NoteDocument
- export feature implemented
- NoteDocument::Merge method
- import feature implemented

0.2.9  (released 2004-09-21)
- fix: do not ask pasword when saving already opened encrypted file
  (password already given)
- added "F1" into help title

0.2.8 (2004-09-17)
- convert /r to /n/r when saving the document
- do not ask password for file that does not exist
- added "All supported formats" filter in Load
- changes in encrypted format (header magic letters)
- added "Help/Load help" menu
- added F1 shortcut for help menu
- created help.ncd -> help documentation

- command line handling support to open file on cmd line
- register NoteCase extensions (win)
- better place for ini file (home directory calculation)
- finish appfile name calculation (lin version)
- even better ini dir home + .notecase
- EnsureDir function
- added Windows icon resource
- fix updating mru when opening from cmd line
- created FilePath.cpp and FilePath.h

0.2.6  (released 2004-09-10)
- fix all headers (copyright)
- fixed popup submenu

0.2.5  (2004-09-02)
- textview buffer changed fixed
- shortcuts for move nodes
- changed name from notar to NoteCase

0.2.4  (2004-08-23)
- moved /lib under /src directory, added /gui
- added GTK wrapper class /gui/FileDialog.cpp
- added GTK wrapper method gtkMessageBox
- fixed pgDn tree navigation

0.2.3  (2004-08-20)
- MRU code moved to separate class
- remember last edited node
- offer to delete original unencrypted file (when switching)
- Pgup,pgdn, Home,End -> support within tree

0.2.2  (2004-08-19)
- added filters to file open dialog (Linux)
- use arrow keys to navigate the tree (all 4 -> expand)
- warning upon trying to overwrite an existing file

0.2.1  (2004-08-18)
- encrypted format (header, SHA1 password hashing)
- better File64Enc (Finalize())
- Windows: build to bin directory
- set shortcuts to commands, rename "remove" to "delete"

0.2.0  (2004-08-17)
- move node -> fix expanded state + selection
- define version number and program name macros (v0.2.0)
- added IniFile class
- MRU list implementation
- Linux: building into ./bin directory

- node move options: left/right
- copy/paste/cat/delete menu options,  (Ctrl+C, ...)

- using new file open dialog at Linux

- node move options: up/down

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