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Commercial support

If you wish to see some features added into Notecase that require substantial amount of work (remember, this is a hobby project), your best bet to make things happen is to make some kind commercial arangement with the author. Arangement can actually be anything we agree on, like buying some books, hardware donation, money payment, ...

For example, there is the list of things that it would be great to have in the program, but it is not likely to happen soon, because I have to spend my free time
on the "not-for-free" jobs.

This list of "heavy" features include:
    - task management features (each node can be task)
    - make program shortcuts customizable
    - integrated spell checker
    - load multiple documents at the same time
    - support importing many other important file formats
    - mind map view
    - ... suggest your own feature here ...

I had already very positive experience with a commercial agreement with Daniel Hertrich from Hermocom company. His plans are to make a full-featured Zaurus/Linux based platform, composed of some chosen open-source programs, with Notecase chosen as the outliner for this platform. You can read more about this project (named "weeXpc") on his website.
Daniel sponsored code to support importing from MM/LX Mindmap/Outline document format (see http://www.dasoft.com/MMLX). Additionaly his help with testing Notecase on Zaurus made for much better quality of the program on all supported platforms.

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